How to import the dataset

To import the dataset using readr after cloning your repository, run the following code block in your RMarkdown file:

inpatient <-
  read_csv(file = "Medicare_Provider_Charge_Inpatient_DRGALL_FY2015.csv.gz",
           col_types = cols(
             `DRG Definition` = col_character(),
             `Provider Id` = col_integer(),
             `Provider Name` = col_character(),
             `Provider Street Address` = col_character(),
             `Provider City` = col_character(),
             `Provider State` = col_character(),
             `Provider Zip Code` = col_integer(),
             `Hospital Referral Region (HRR) Description` = col_character(),
             `Total Discharges` = col_integer(),
             `Average Covered Charges` = col_number(),
             `Average Total Payments` = col_number(),
             `Average Medicare Payments` = col_number()))