List of Final Interview Times in Exploratory Hall 1004: Monday, December 18th

Dr. Glasbrenner
Dr. Glasbrenner

Dear all,

The schedule for the Final Interviews for CDS-101 on Monday, December 18th has been posted on Blackboard. The interviews will take place in the usual classroom, Exploratory Hall 1004. Each student will meet with me for an 8 minute session. You will only need to attend for your scheduled time slot. I will be meeting with one student at a time, so please wait outside the classroom door until you’re instructed to enter.

The schedule will be tight, so please be ready to go at your scheduled time. Each interview needs to begin exactly on schedule in order to be done before 4:15pm. There are no makeups if you miss your interview time. Late arrivals for the interview will receive a penalty that increases with each minute of being late.

The interview will consist of two short parts:

  1. A discussion about your submitted portfolio. Be prepared to answer questions regarding what you submitted, particularly in the Evidence and R Notes files. For this part, I may ask a clarifying question about something you wrote, ask you to walk me through a particular section, inquire about a mistake I noticed and give you the chance to correct it, or ask for more details about something I found particularly interesting.

  2. Demonstrate a couple of small tasks for me using R. Given the short amount of time for each interview, this will be kept very simple. I will provide a copy of the official cheatsheets for reference. For this, you will want to review how to create a visualization using a dataset, how to use manipulate and transform data using filter(), mutate(), group_by(), summarize(), how to compute the basic statistics (mean, median, range, IQR, standard deviation) for a column in a dataset, and how to find a p-value for a null hypothesis when the null distribution is normal (hint, you use pnorm() for this). In addition, you should be able to interpret a p-value and tell me whether or not a null hypothesis can be rejected in favor of an alternative hypothesis (the hypothesis would be provided to you as part of the question).

For both 1 and 2, I will not be asking anyone to do all of these things in under 8 minutes. It’s the list of possible things you may be asked to do, which should help guide you in reviewing.

Please check the annoucement for your scheduled time.

See you tomorrow afternoon.

Dr. Glasbrenner

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