Fall 2017 Semester Archive

This is an archive of course materials for the Fall 2017 semester of CDS-101. The course schedule with direct links to the course assignments and handouts is provided below, and additional course content, such as the textbooks used during the course, can be found using the links at the top of the page. For additional information about the Fall 2017 semester of CDS-101, please see the course description and syllabus.

Week Class Date Topic Due Dates
Week 1 1 Aug-28 Overview of Computational and Data Sciences
2 Aug-30 The data scientist’s toolbox I
Sep-04 Labor Day (no class)
Week 2 3 Sep-06 The data scientist’s toolbox II
4 Sep-11 Data visualization I Reading 1
Week 3 5 Sep-13 Data visualization II
6 Sep-18 Data visualization III Reading 2
Sep-19 Reading 3
Week 4 7 Sep-20 Data wrangling I Reading 4
Sep-22 Assignment 1, Part A
8 Sep-25 Data wrangling II Reading 5
Sep-26 Reading 6
Week 5 9 Sep-27 Data wrangling III
Sep-29 Assignment 1, Part B
10 Oct-02 Exploratory data analysis I Reading 7
Oct-03 Reading 8
Week 6 11 Oct-04 Exploratory data analysis II Reading 9
Oct-09 Columbus Day (no class)
12 Oct-10 Exploratory data analysis III Reading 10
Reading 11
Week 7 13 Oct-11 Work on midterm projects
Oct-13 Assignment 2
14 Oct-16 Work on midterm projects
Week 8 15 Oct-18 Midterm project presentations Midterm Project
Reading 12
Reading 13
16 Oct-23 Odds and ends with R and data wrangling
Week 9 17 Oct-25 Data collection principles Reading 14
18 Oct-30 Summary statistics and univariate distributions I
Oct-31 Reading 15
Week 10 19 Nov-01 Summary statistics and univariate distributions II Reading 16
20 Nov-06 Foundations for inference I Reading 17
Week 11 21 Nov-08 Canceled
22 Nov-13 Foundations for inference II
Week 12 23 Nov-15 Normal distribution I
24 Nov-20 Normal distribution II Reading 18
Nov-22 Thanksgiving Recess (no class)
Week 13 25 Nov-27 Effect sizes and p-hacking; Linear modeling I Reading 19
26 Nov-29 Linear modeling II Assignment 3
Week 14 27 Dec-04 Linear modeling III
28 Dec-06 Cross-validation Reading 20
Reading 21
Dec-08 Assignment 4
Dec-11 Reading Day
Dec-15 Final Portfolio
Dec-18 Final Interview
Time: 1:30pm–4:15pm